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All our preparation is done by hand, from dumplings to satays, from slicing salads to curing meats.

Whilst we have the aid of industrial machinery to help us mix and blend, peel and wash, all our products are finished by hand individually.


Not only will you see the difference between our products and other machine made ones, you will definitely taste the difference and so will your customer.




Again, we have the benefit of combining state of the art technology with homemade tastes.

Our industrial equipment includes tilting kettles, brat pans, full-size steamers, specially made to order roasting ovens that were Imported from Hong Kong, 16 burner turbo wok range, stir-frying machines that turn as they cook.

However, all our food is still cooked using traditional methods with no preservatives or additives




After cooking, all our food is blast chilled or blast frozen immediately. This already lengthens the shelf life on our products.

From the blast chillers and freezers, they are taken out and immediately vacuum packed or individually bagged and boxed.

They then get moved straight into the Holding Fridge and Freezer, ready for delivery.



Our expanding fleet of despatch vans deliver the finished products to your door. Temperatures are monitored as they lave our Holding Fridge or Freezer and monitored again when they reach you.

Our friendly staff would be happy to deal with any queries, and we would try our best to accommodate ‘emergency' requests.



customer service:

We place Customer Service as top priority in the company because we believe that excellence starts from the grass roots which will in turn reflect on the rest of the process.

The team is trained to answer all your calls and queries. All calls are monitored for training purposes.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the service you're given, please call the Customer Service team on 0208 963 8488.  








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