Park Royal Partnership worked alongside the GMB Trade Union for the first time and with great success. PRP led the project due to their vast Business network, whilst the GMB recruited and trained the WSA, provided health and safety materials, technical advice and support, as well as providing health and safety materials and technical advice and support.

Involving Workers

?Managers are more knowledgeable about health and safety and worker involvement and much more committed to improving both
?Risk assessment training and other health and safety training has meant workers are better able to contribute to risk assessments and to spot hazards in their workplace
?Monthly Health and Safety Committee meeting

Improving Health & Safety

?clearer allocation of roles and responsibilities
?manual handling assessments being completed
?health and safety documentation and guidance is now provided to all workers

Benefits Achieved

?workplace health and safety culture has improved
?more initiative/commitment in tackling health and safety issues
?workers are more confident as a result of the risk assessment training
?all workers report improved communication and increased discussion and reporting of health and safety issues

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